A New Evangelical Manifesto

David P. Gushee: A Kingdom Vision for the Common Good

A New Evangelical Manifesto:
A Kingdom Vision for the Common Good
Edited by David P. Gushee (Chalice)
A 2013 Outreach Resource of the Year

“Imagine sitting around a large, round table—each seat filled with thought-leaders, pastors, theologians and practitioners you respect. They’ve gathered to challenge your thinking, expand your imagination and help you navigate the coming decade of cultural engagement on the issues that matter most. Yes, it’s going to be a grueling few days, working through Christian engagement on subjects such as diversity, interfaith relations, abortion, consumerism, the environment, politics and more. But it is so worth it. The subtitle captures beautifully what reading this great collection of twenty-two essays does for us—we gain ‘a kingdom vision for the common good.’ In today’s culture, that is exactly what Christians need. And while you may not agree with every idea offered, you will be more aware and equipped to engage the topics and offer a better way to your friends, neighbors and colleagues.” —Gabe Lyons, from the March/April 2013 issue of Outreach magazine

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