The Church Plant Question: What Would Jesus Do?

Steve Addison: "We must look beyond what we can do and ask, 'What needs to be done? What will it look like when our task is finished?'"

Jonathan Edwards on the Beauty and Excellency of God

Jonathan Edwards believed that our theology, like the Bible, begins and ends with the beauty and excellency of God.

The Sermon Starts in the Parking Lot

Is the message you're sending nonbelievers and visitors to your church consistent?

A Better Understanding of Church Economics

Some principles for going beyond tithes and offerings

Missional Renaissance

Reggie McNeal: Changing the Scorecard for the Church

The Top 10 Reasons Church Visitors Don’t Return

"Churches perceive they are a friendly church because the members are friendly to one another. But they don’t think about walking in the shoes of first-time guests."

Seeing Jesus in East Harlem

José Humphreys: What Happens When Churches Show Up and Stay Put

Why Does God Care About Your Church Budget?

Six principles for faithfully allocating your church's budget items.

Viral Churches

Ed Stetzer and Warren Bird: Helping Church Planters Become Movement Makers

How God Preaches to Us—and Through Us

When a preacher speaks, God is the one who is speaking. Therefore the preacher has the dual privilege of preaching and listening.