Marked by Love

Marked by Love
A Dare to Walk Away From Judgment and Hypocrisy
(Barbour Publishing, 2018)

WHO: Tim Stevens, a team leader with the Vanderbloemen Search Group, an executive search firm that helps churches and ministries find leaders.

HE SAYS: “The more I peel away the rules and expectations and exhausting obligations, the more I find the love of Jesus. These things don’t peel away easily—more like a price tag that you pick off in a million tiny pieces. But with every scrap removed there is exposed a treasure of love that was there the whole time—disguised and hidden by religion.”

THE BIG IDEA: Love is the common theme of Jesus’ life. If we aren’t becoming more loving, then it is all worthless.

Divided into 31 chapters that are quick reads but full of important content, this book is an honest appraisal of the real meaning behind the Christian life.
Emphasizing that being marked by Jesus’ love should demonstrate itself in our everyday lives by loving actions, the author alternates relating personal stories, sharing from Scripture and giving real world advice.

“People are done with Christianity. I am done with Christianity. At least the Americanized version that dresses up on Sunday and the rest of the week is gossiping, backbiting, jealous, judgmental and unethical. It seems at every turn Christians are doing more harm for the name of Jesus than help.”

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Tim Stevens

Tim Stevens serves as executive pastor of Granger Community Church in Granger, Ind. Tim has a passion for the local church and equipping leaders with practical advice and tools to add value to them. He has co-authored three books with Tony Morgan: "Simply Strategic Stuff," "Simply Strategic Volunteers," and "Simply Strategic Growth." He also is the author of "Pop Goes the Church: Should the Church Engage Pop Culture?" and "Vision: Lost and Found. The Story of a Church That Got Stuck But Didn't Stay There."