Amber Haines and Seth Haines

The Deep Down Things
Brazos Press, 2023
By Amber Haines and Seth Haines

WHO: Amber Haines, an author, and Seth Haines, cohost of the podcast A Drink with a Friend. 

THEY SAY: “This is not a how-to book. Rather, this is a light along the way. A thing to hold in your hands if you ever feel out-of-body.”

THE BIG IDEA: Even in the darkest times, there are signs of hope all around us.

THE PROGRESSION: In nine chapters, the authors take turns writing about times of despair they have gone through and what they learned about having hope, how it picks us up, helps us build strength, and moves us into beauty.

“Hope is a thing that is here and now, and it requires participation. Like love, hope has a way of acting.”