7 Helpful Multisite Tips

Consider these guidelines as you plan a multicampus ministry.

Around 3,000 churches in America have gone multisite. Want to be 3,001? Multisites have a 90 percent success rate. Avoid that failed 10 percent by considering the following tips.

Look outside. Multisite doesn’t always mean branching from your current congregation. One in three multisites blossomed from joining ranks with an existing or recently closed church.

Leadership is key. Of multisites that didn’t make it, one of the two top reasons was quality of the pastor at that site. The other? Location.

Tech up. Expect most of your new site’s budget to go to technology—key to everything from bridging sites to providing a superior worship experience. Facilities and advertising are the next most costly.

Don’t re-create the wheel. If you have a fabulous children’s ministry at your existing church, for example, take everything you’ve learned and duplicate it at the new site. When you launch each new site from that level of quality, you will attract and retain members more quickly.

Synergy = stewardship. When your leadership team designs a winning outreach, share that program at all the churches within your multisite network, touching more people with one dose of productivity.

Tap into the brand. It’s no coincidence that Apple and Starbucks can charge more for their products than their competitors. Follow their lead: Market your multiple sites as a result of people wanting more from your church. You’ll have a steady flow of folks compelled to visit to find out why.

Headquarters are for corporations. If your multisite evolves into a main church with several satellites, you’re not truly multisite. Local site pastors should be empowered decision makers committed to the founding church’s mission and goals.


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