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Where It All Begins — Shifts to Make Before Church Growth

The church grows up into maturity as each part is working properly, building itself up in love.

Go and Be

Pastor Gary Moritz and his wife Jana say they fell into church revitalization by default.  City United Church in Lunenburg, Massachusetts, thrived in its heyday...

What Will Your Church’s Legacy Be?

An encouraging new study reveals an increase in church multiplication. Here’s what we’re learning—and how your church can be a part of this kingdom call.

Mile-High Multiplication

Pathak sought a solution to reestablish the church’s identity as a truly local neighbor, of and for its community. He asked himself, What would it look like for us to build what amounts to a network of churches so we could share some resources, yet still operate like local churches?

Raising Up Young Leaders: Riverview Church

Riverview Church stays strong with a healthy culture of succession.

Joby Martin: Creating a Launchpad for Ministry—Part 1

“We needed to see our church like an aircraft carrier—a place from which to launch people to the frontlines.”

Joby Martin: Laying the Groundwork for Revival—Part 2

“If you were God, based on what your church is doing with the resources he’s brought your way, would you give you more?”

Salt Water, Clean Water, Living Water

Creative reproducing church provides water as it plants new churches.