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Learning to Pray With Eyes Wide Open

With eyes wide open I have prayed with and for people who are spiritually wayward. It has not only drawn me closer to my Lord, but it has propelled me to look beyond myself and join him on his mission.

Michelle Sanchez: Chosen by God

It is because partnership is God’s chosen way that we now have the privilege of becoming “God’s fellow workers” (1 Cor. 3:9).

God Is Not Looking for a Venmo Relationship With You

Jesus only accepts total surrender.

Why We Often Struggle to Lead Like Christ

Our relationship with the Father is key to our ability to lead like Christ.

How Billy Graham Maintained an Intimate God Connection

Throughout his life, Billy Graham, placed a high priority on spending time with God every day. Here's how.

Can God Change Me?

A couple key truths to remember about how life change happens.