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A House of New Beginnings

The three-bedroom brick house is just a few hundred feet from the church, and families typically stay from two weeks to three months.

New Report on the Rise of Persecuted Christians and Global Displacement Around the World

"The persecution of Christians continues to grow around the globe. As Americans, we must decide how we'll respond,” said Ryan Brown, president and CEO of Open Doors US. “Our hope is this report not only provides a call to respond, but also helps inform that response."

Sharing Jesus in Wartime

BSC is a small congregation comprised mostly of first-generation immigrants from such Slavic countries as Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Armenia and Ukraine. The church had been doing missions work in Ukraine for decades.

4 Ways Churches Can Embrace Refugees

The annual ceiling for refugee admissions to America is likely to be raised. Are we ready to serve them?

10 Reasons We Should Welcome Muslim Refugees

Following Christ in Loving Our Neighbors

Canceled Mission Trips Give Us an Opportunity for Self-Reflection

With much of the world in various stages of lockdown, short-term mission trips have become one of the first summer casualties. Planes are grounded....

Showing Honor to the Overlooked

From the beginning, Christianity has stood out for the honor it shows all people.

Patrick Johnstone: Thinking Biblically About Immigration

The flood of refugees is only going to continue. How will the church respond?