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New Normal Settles for Churches Post-Pandemic

Most small churches (58%) are near or above their pre-pandemic worship service attendance levels.

Hard-Pressed But Not Crushed

An attitude of defeatism does not engender resurrection.

Report: What We Know About the Post-COVID Church

Church leaders were of one mind in regard to the Catch-22 COVID presented. No matter what they did, what they said, or how they responded, someone was going to be angry or upset and leave.

Expect New Obstacles in This Post-Pandemic Phase

The challenges can seem insurmountable. The pace of change can seem unbearable. But we serve a God who is with us always.

7 Surprising Post-Pandemic Trends

Deferred maintenance crises in churches are hindering church adoption. Simply stated, many potential church adoptions have been delayed or dropped because the adopting church cannot afford to upgrade the facilities of the declining church seeking adoption.

Try This!: 100 Outreach Ideas for the Post-Pandemic Church

Invite kids to come to church one weeknight to learn more about the Bible by playing with LEGOs.

Just a Screen Away

During the pandemic, Lyberg visited local members in the hospital using FaceTime, and he can do the same thing with members who live in other places.

Lead Like It Matters

Perspective hacks for the post-pandemic church leader