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Your Emotional Life and Spiritual Life Are Connected

The truth is that emotions never die. They are only buried alive. They always resurface, leaking into other parts of our lives and relationships.

When We Jump to Conclusions

Assumptions are like a dragon that seeks to destroy our well-being.

Declaring God’s Victory in Times of Uncertainty

One of the most important tasks before us as leaders is declaring the certainty of God’s future in the face of the multiple crisis...

How God Might Be Using Our Collective Dark Night of the Soul

Insights from John of the Cross for our current day.

Lessons for Taming the ‘Tigers’ in Our Midst

How to deal with damaging people in your church.

10 Questions for Emotionally Healthy Preaching

I ask myself these questions as I'm preparing a message.

10 Hard-Won Lessons About Ministry Leadership

These lessons are the fruit of reflecting on 21 years of pastoral ministry.