Tag: Paul Hobbs

You Are Living a Great Life

I feel loved and respected by congregation members, but when I focus on the reality that God allows me to proclaim his Word to his people, I am humbled. In this state of mixed emotion, I remind myself that I am living a great life.

God Is Not Limited by Our Lack

No matter what I did, every attempt ended without any signs that a youth ministry would get off the ground. I was at a complete loss.

Beyond Me and Mine

What does it mean to be a part of a local church?

The Recency Effect

The way out of this unhelpful state for me is to step back and form a larger perspective of God's work in my life and the church. Unfortunately, what takes place in the short term is not always a clear picture of God's activity.

Having No One Is Better Than Having the Wrong One

With limited financial and volunteer resources, I needed to fill a critical role on my leadership team.

Guilt Without Shame

I believe that a healthy sense of responsibility is absent of shame and enables us to recognize our mistakes without losing value.