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Books by Ed Stetzer

President and missiologist in residence of LifeWay Research, and Outreach magazine contributing editor. Stetzer's column, "As I See It," appears in each issue.

Ed Stetzer: LifeWay Research

Ed Stetzer is president and missiologist in residence of LifeWay Research and author of eight books, including Lost and Found: The Younger Unchurched and the...

Into the Culture

Today a lot of people are talking about the church and culture. We are told that we need to engage the culture...

Chris Hodges and the Self-Defeating Nature of Cancel Culture

The gospel offers a better way forward.

The Decision Whether or Not to Reopen Is Not a Litmus Test of Faith

What does drinking have to do with reopening the church? Since this is already a divisive conversation, I will just go ahead...

Time for a New Normal

This pandemic has shaken the world—so much sickness, death and economic destruction. Our first concern should be the hurting, but we eventually...

How to Advance Into a New Season of Ministry

Converting retreat into gospel advance

How COVID-19 Will Affect the Church Going Forward

The short- and long-term effects of the pandemic on the church