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3 Things Churches Love That KILL Outreach

Ed Stetzer: "If your church loves the way you do church more than your children, it loves the wrong thing."

4 Steps for Stronger Engagement in Your Church

Ed Stetzer: "God’s mission should be so active in a church that the city misses them when they are not around."

7 Ways to Keep an Outward Focus

"Church can easily become about what the existing congregation wants, instead of serving people beyond the existing group."

8 Signs Someone Is Truly Involved in Your Church

Moving new people toward "assimilation": a scorecard for your church.

Collaborative Leadership

In the Sept/Oct 2015 Issue: Emotionally Healthy Leaderships, Teams That Thrive, Building a Vibrant Team, Leadership and the Culture War, Leading Well at Home and the Outreach Interview with Peter Scazzero

What It Really Takes to Reach Your Community

Ed Stetzer: “I don’t care what you like; I care that you love the Gospel and the people God has called you to reach .”

Learning to Both Love and Hate the World

LifeWay Research President Ed Stetzer says the church often is confused about how to view "the world."

Small Church America: 7th Annual Celebration

Words of encouragement and engaging ideas especially for those who serve the country’s vibrant smaller congregations

3 Reasons for Church Membership

Ed Stetzer: "Membership is often misunderstood, misapplied or not applied at all."

Small Church America

In the July/August 2015 issue: Small Church Pastors on What They Wish They'd Known; 5 Small Churches Recount How They Transformed Obstacles Into Ministry Opportunities; and the Outreach Interview Features Hugh Halter