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Mental Health Ministry as an Evangelism and Outreach Strategy

Why might the presence of common mental health conditions have such a dramatic impact on church attendance and engagement?

Keep Hope Rolling

The Cars Ministry at Princeton Alliance began 26 years ago after church members heard about financially strapped single parents who were without transportation, says Toni Campbell, the church’s benevolence director.

Privileged to Bless

5 Simple Missional Practices

Becoming Great Commission People

Every church member can be a missionary to their hurting community. Here is how you can equip them.

9 Ways I Reached Out to My Nonbelieving Family Members

The things that God used to nudge my mom and dad to Christ

Reaching People All Over the World Through the Web

How digital platforms and social media are playing an increasing role in spreading the gospel.

Plan Now for an Easter Sermon Series

All of your Easter outreach needs are met in one kit.

Register Today for the Amplify Outreach Conference

Premier Evangelism Conference on Wheaton College Campus