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The Spiritual Race

The moment you believed in Jesus Christ, this race began for you. Some of you are just beginning, while others have been running for quite a while.

Tell the Old, Old Story Again This Year

Preach it to yourself and preach it to others. Preach it to the Christian and non-Christian, to the one who has believed for decades and to the one that is still considering.

Jumping Into 2024

How do you move into a new year gaining ground? Turns out, there are a few simple, proven practices that can help you move into any new season, cross any demarcation line, and keep moving forward to take new territory.

5 Scriptures to Give You Hope This Year

The cure for 2024? The good news: Jesus Christ.

A Gospel-Centered Mentality for New Year’s Resolutions

Why our faith is the key to following through