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Embrace the Paradigm as a Change Agent

If you are willing to surrender over your walk with the Lord, God can use you to impact your community like never before.

Moving Forward with Little Steps

Push through these doubt moments by leaning on God to guide you as you share through your fear the faith you have in leaning into this new phase of the church.

How Fast Should You Make Changes in Your Church?

There is a tendency to try to rush change within the church. The revitalizer sees the need and is called to help lead the church through change but may not fully understand the history behind a piece of furniture or why things are done in a particular way.

3 Ways to Help the Church Navigate Change

As a church leader, you want to see God's will done in the local church. Change, however, takes work. Any amount of change causes...

How to Know When It’s Time for Organizational Change

Healthy organizations maintain an unchanging vision that they sustain long term. One way they do so is with a willingness to change their organizational...

Pastorpedia: Leading Incremental Change

How to make important changes as painlessly as possible.