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The Church Multiplication Challenge

Across the United States, in churches of all shapes and sizes, God is breathing new life into his people as increasing numbers of leaders embrace the kingdom call to not just grow, but to reproduce and multiply.

The Mingling of Souls and the Meaning of Love

Matt Chandler: "We’re people who say, 'No, I won’t bail. I’ve given myself for better or for worse to this person.'"

Matt Chandler: Why Church Planting Matters to Me

"Church planting is the way God has spread the fame of his name and the glory of the gospel."

Matt Chandler: A Church Planter’s Heart

Matt Chandler: "When it’s my turn to go home to glory, I’d much rather leave behind hundreds and hundreds of gospel-rich churches than just one big church where I preached."

The Epic Adventure of Gospel Multiplication

“We are instruments in the hand of God to see all things reconciled to God through Christ.”

Matt Chandler: The Village Church, Flower Mound, Texas

The lead pastor of one of the country's largest and fastest-growing churches talks about lessons learned in leadership and life.