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Survey: Churchgoers Do Value Time Alone with God, but Their Practices Differ

According to a study by Lifeway Research, nearly 2 in 3 Protestant churchgoers (65%) intentionally spend time alone with God at least daily, with 44% saying daily and 21% saying more than once a day.

Americans Believe Suicide Is Epidemic, Not Pathway to Hell

Religious beliefs and practice also play a role in attitudes toward suicide. Those with evangelical beliefs are more likely than those without evangelical beliefs to say suicide is selfish (48% v. 35%) and automatically leads to hell (39% v. 18%).

Americans Divided on Who Should Lead Healthy Conversations on Challenges in America

There is no consensus among Americans on who is in the best position to generate healthy conversations around challenges in society.

Americans Believe Religious Liberty Is Declining, More Believe Christians Face Intolerance

Most Americans say religious liberty is declining in the country, and more believe Christians are facing increased intolerance.