Small Church America

Inside the July/August issue: Embracing the advantages of small; portraits of creative ministry; moving beyond our obsession with numbers; plus: Eugene Peterson on the church planting journey and the Outreach Interview with Karl Vaters

July/Aug 2010: Small Church America

Diverse, Authentic, Creative: How smaller congregations are making an impact

Directions in Outreach

Inside the Jan/Feb 2015 Issue Directions in Outreach Powerful forces are reshaping culture … and the church responds. In the church, the Spirit birthed a living organism. Growing, adapting, without changing its...

Becoming Tomorrow's Church (Jan/Feb 2012)

A New Face for the Church, What Does Missional Look Like? and the Outreach Interview with Louie Giglio

Jan/Feb 09: Innovation

25 Ideas and Trends Reshaping the American Church

Leadership and Soul Care

Inside the Sept/Oct issue: The path to healthy leadership, wise words on soul care from leading pastors, finding grace beyond burnout, plus rethinking seminary and the Outreach Interview with Mindy Caliguire

Sept/Oct 2010: Global Outreach

New ways churches are discovering their global vision

Resources of the Year

In the March/April 2015 issue: best resources for apologetics, evangelism, leadership and more; what's trending in multiethnic ministry, lessons from an unlikely church planter; and The Outreach Interview with David Platt

Outreach Resources of the Year (March/April 2012)

The year's best outreach-oriented books and media ... plus technology and the church and the Bobby Gruenewald interview

Mar/April 09: Resources of the Year

The year's best outreach resources, plus a call to the American church from evangelist Luis Palau