The 2012 Outreach 100

Inside the 2012 Outreach 100

Largest and Fastest-Growing Churches

Each year we invest a significant amount of time and resources to bring this special issue to life. Our friends at LifeWay Research contact thousands of churches, extending the invitation to participate in the study. Under the flood of data you could get the impression that it’s all about the numbers, some sort of exercise in the vanity of comparison. But look closer and feel with us the pulse of ministry.

The numbers are here, including listings by region and by affiliation. But you’ll also read profiles of transformational ministry and insights from 19 of the pastors—what they wish someone had told them and what they’ve learned along the way. Plus 100 outreach ideas for any church, any size.

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The Stories Behind the Numbers

The Annual Special Report with LifeWay Research on the Largest and Fastest-Growing Churches in America … and the transformational ministries that drive them

Mark Driscoll: Life After Burnout

The founding, preaching and vision pastor of Mars Hill Church shares his journey to ministry health

The New American Megachurch

What are the trends shaping (and re-shaping) the country’s largest congregations?

Stacy Spencer: The Interview

The senior pastor of New Direction Christian Church, Memphis, Tenn., talks candidly about the challenges and opportunities

ALSO: Counting Down the Top 10; impressions of this year’s report from researcher Ed Stetzer; stories of community change, one person at a time; and more

Plus, In Each Issue of Outreach

PULSE: We take the pulse of outreach today as we report on what churches are doing to connect with their communities.

IDEAS: Church-tested ideas for seasonal and targeted ministries for any church, any size

VOICES: Trends and commentary on culture, faith and thought

COLUMNS: Perspective on outreach from Ed Stetzer, Dan Kimball, Bobby Gruenewald, Brad Powell and Mark DeYmaz.

James P. Long
James P. Long

James P. Long is the editor of Outreach magazine and is the author of a number of books, including Why Is God Silent When We Need Him the Most?