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Outreach Jan-Feb 2009

Jan/Feb 2009
Innovation: 25 Ideas and Trends Reshaping the American Church

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Outreach Mar-April 2009

March/April 2009

Resources of the Year
The year’s best outreach resources: evangelism, apologetics, cross-cultural ministry and more. The Outreach Interview: Luis Palau
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Outreach May-June 2009

May/June 2009

Vital Church
Church health assessment, prescription for strength, stories of new life. The Outreach Interview: Dave Gibbons
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Outreach July-Aug 2009

July/Aug 2009

The NEW Small Church
Across America, smaller congregations are becoming models of innovation, effective community ministry and global vision. The Outreach Interview: Andy Stanley
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Outreach Sept-Oct 2009

Sept/Oct 2009

Youth Outreach: Finding and Keeping the Next Generation
The Church is losing high percentages of high school students and young adults. How do we retain them and reach their unchurched peers? The Outreach Interview: Efrem Smith
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The 2009 Outreach 100

America’s Largest and Fastest-Growing Churches
The 2009 Outreach 100 annual report is packed with practical ideas and encouraging words for any church, any size. The Outreach Interview: Rick Bezet and Chris Hodges
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Outreach Nov-Dec 2009

Nov/Dec 2009

The Unchurched
What can we learn from those who do not yet share our beliefs? Three pastors share their perspectives: Dan Kimball, Eric Bryant and Randy Frazee. The Outreach Interview: Miles McPherson
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