Tag: James Emery White

The Reality of Reaching the Lost

Very few churches who say they want to reach the unchurched are effectively marketing themselves to the unchurched population.

Common Misconceptions About the Bible

When talking with people about the Christian faith, it is helpful to be able to quickly and concisely convey the significance of the Bible to the Christian faith, and to overcome some common misconceptions about it.

6 Red Flags to Watch Out for in Church Staff

How do you spot warning signs after you’ve hired someone?

God’s Best Design for Marriage

Marriage was ordained by God and set apart by God before children, before the family, before government, before the Church, at the very onset of creation.

Even After Seminary, I Was Ignorant About Ministry Life

We need seminary. But in fairness to a seminary education, there are certain things it will never be able to impart, even if it tries.

Rejecting God’s Forgiveness

The only unforgivable sin is rejecting the forgiveness of God.

When an Angel Came to Joshua

Joshua, the great leader of the people of Israel and successor to Moses, was leading the people into the Promised Land.

An Atheist’s Take on the Decline of Christianity

Strange that a famed atheist bemoans the loss of what Christianity has brought to culture, and an agnostic the loss of what Christianity brought to the dynamics of human community.