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Reconciling Atonement Theories

We all have limited perspectives. We live in particular cultures and historical periods. No one studies the Bible in a vacuum. Our cultural, historical, and personal contexts influence how we interpret the Bible. In this sense, all theology is contextualized.

The Way of Justice

Excerpted from 'The Ninefold Path of Jesus' (IVPress)

Embracing Our Need For Others

Excerpted from 'From Burned Out to Beloved' (InterVarsity Press)

Don’t Be Caught Off Guard by Depression

Pastors will get depressed, but that doesn't mean their ministry is over.

Pursue the Common Good

What it means to be a "peacemaker"

The Path to Your Platform

Excerpted FromThe Leader in YouBy Ebony S. Small Have you ever wrestle with the following questions? What have I been put on earth to do?What am...