Justin Dailey: ‘Prioritize Life and Eternity Over Personal Opinions’

“We can become blinded by our own personal perspectives.”

We asked pastors of some of the nation’s largest churches to share their thoughts on church growth, discipleship, outreach and faithful ministry.

Justin Dailey, Pastor
Action Church
Orlando, Florida

Some practical contributors to our growth are transparency and stewardship. Our leadership has consistently proven to be trustworthy. We are transparent with our plans, intentions, resources and goals. This transparency has given people the ability to trust us with their time, finances and talents. The second practical contributor of our growth is stewardship. We operate on a strict budget that allows us to be ready for all growth opportunities. We also put significant time and resources into developing our leaders. We realize stewarding resources and people opens opportunities.

Spiritual leadership starts with personal discipline. Getting more personal time with God is the best thing any leader can do to increase their effectiveness. When you’re leading a large church or organization, it is easy to get sidetracked on strategy, staffing and other organizational issues. God wants our heart, and we all have been guilty of just giving him our head.

God never called us to be successful—he called us to be faithful. God never intended for church growth, speaking platforms, success or local notoriety to fulfill us in the same way obedience to him does.

What I have learned about learning is that it never stops; we are always a student. The challenge with personal growth is you don’t always pick the teacher. At Action Church, we make it a goal to learn from every situation. Every constructive conversation or even the harshest criticism is an opportunity to reflect, learn and grow.

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We can become blinded by our own personal perspectives. The church today is known way more for what we are against than what who we are for. In a world that picks sides, agendas and platforms, we try and see the people representing all of these in an attempt to prioritize their life and eternity over personal opinions. God loves people, and I’m committed to lead a church that is committed to people.

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