Digital Bible Society Provides Bible Resources in Arabic at London Olympics

The leader of an Arabic church in London calls the project a “dream come true.”

LONDON—Representatives from The Digital Bible Society were in London this month for the 2012 Summer Olympics. Working with an established London ministry dedicated to sharing the Gospel with the hundreds of thousands of Arabic speakers that visit the UK each summer, the Digital Bible Society, in partnership with Bible League International created an extensive digital Bible library in Arabic. Fifty thousand copies were made using MicroSD chips and DVDs. These libraries were then freely distributed in and around the greater London area, and at Olympics venues.

The leader of a London-based Arabic church, Pastor W., had this to say about the Arabic Olympic project: “To have a library of Bibles, books, films, and devotionals all on an SD chip, so small that it fits on the tip of one’s finger, is a dream come true. We have Muslim’s seeking answers about Christ, and now, to be able to give them this to take with them back to their home country … this has such great value to the Arabic world. We are happy that our partners have made this resource available.”

Brother A., who traveled to London from Egypt to help hand out chips and DVDs, said: “There is a spiritual war for our home countries. Sometimes this prevents the Gospel from being heard. This summer’s distribution will go down as a victory for the Arabic church. It is an encouragement to me personally to see individual members of our team speaking to total strangers and leading them to Jesus. People are amazingly responsive and are glad to go home equipped with so much that they can easily carry back with them and explore. I expect God to do miracles and open many hearts.”

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The Digital Bible Society is currently creating resource-rich and free-to-copy digital Bible libraries in 12 additional languages. “We consider ourselves privileged to be a part of the great work of distributing the Scriptures and biblical resources to the Arabic people. It is an honor to serve ministries that have such passion and dedication for the expansion of God’s kingdom.” said Digital Bible Society founder Ken Bitgood.

The mission of the Digital Bible Society is to produce and distribute Bibles and Biblical materials in digital format, especially for regions and cultures where the message of the Gospel of Christ is not readily available.

The Digital Bible Society purposes to assist in the worldwide distribution of digital Christian media so that every believer in every nation will have free access to explore and understand the Scriptures in their own language—whether through the printed page, the spoken word (audio), or visual presentation (video).