Mobile Giving Technology Helps Feed Children and Children's Hunger Fund partner in a Fast2Feed Campaign.

LOS ANGELES—With innovative technology and passion to help hungry children, everyday people are changing lives from their smart phones. From Aug. 20 to 26,’s mobile giving technology will enable people to fast for one meal and convert that savings into food for hungry children. and Children’s Hunger Fund partnered this month to launch the Fast2Feed campaign, enabling smart phone users to turn what would have been an ordinary meal into a philanthropic venture.

“We believe people want to do something radical with their resources,” said Scott Pentzer, co-founder of “Now we’re giving them the opportunity to fast for a meal to help feed hungry kids in Zimbabwe.”

For one week in August, forgoers are raising funds to help Children’s Hunger Fund ship a sea container filled with aid to Zimbabwe. At more than six meals per dollar donated, users can change the world for a starving child. For example, when someone forgoes a $10 dinner, 62 meals will be shipped. and Children’s Hunger Fund believe the social implications of this new technology are far reaching. They imagine people outdoing one another with their giving. “If someone forgoes a boat, maybe someone else will forgo a car or a house,” said Fred Martin, a director at Children’s Hunger Fund.

“This is very exciting,” said Dave Phillips, president of Children’s Hunger Fund. “We can’t wait to see what wonderful things come from this new opportunity.”

To start forgoing, visit

Children’s Hunger Fund is a Christian 501(c)3 nonprofit. For 20 years it has used food as a catalyst to change the lives of suffering children. Children’s Hunger Fund has distributed more than $1 billion in food and other resources to serve the needs of more than 10 million children across America and around the world. Since 1991, 99 percent of total contributions have been used for programs serving the needs of children. is a mobile giving technology that helps you make a difference. Small decisions change the world. And it’s not just what you do, but what you don’t do. Imagine how many people we could help if you, and others like you, gave up little things. Forgo your morning coffee and help a child eat. Forgo your nice dinner out and help a family in need. helps you do just that.

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