2019 Outreach Magazine Maggie Awards Entries

Outreach Magazine
Special Interest / Consumer 014

028 Best Feature Article
Circulation Under 75k / Consumer
“Protecting the Most Vulnerable”
The Key Truth About Sexual Abuse Most Churches Miss: It’s About the Victims
By Matt Mikalatos with Paul J. Pastor
From the Nov/Dec 2018 Outreach
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032 Best Interview or Profile
Circulation Under 75k / Consumer
“Daniel Fusco: A Love Supreme—At Street Level”
By Paul J. Pastor, Photography by Matt McFarland
From the July/Aug 2018 Outreach
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034 Best Regularly Featured Department, Section or Column
Circulation Under 75k / Consumer
“Ideas: For Any Church, Any Size” Created by Lora Schrock (department editor), Lindsey Lafferty (designer) and the Outreach Magazine Creative Team
From the Jan/Feb 2018 Outreach
View PDF » Jan Feb 18 Outreach Best Featured Section
And the March/April 2018 Outreach
View PDF » Mar Apr 18 Outreach Magazine Best Reg Featured Section

042 Best Cover
Circulation under 75k / Consumer
The American Megachurch Annual
2018 Outreach 100 Special Issue
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046 Best Special Theme Issue
Circulation under 75k / Consumer
“Equality, Justice, Civility”
Will the American Church Rise to the Challenge?
From the Jan/Feb 2018 Outreach
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