Mission Organization Turns Recruiting on Its Head

(Christian Newswire)—In a world where most recruiting for missionaries is geared toward recent college graduates, one mission organization is also calling for a different demographic: adults over the age of 30 with valuable skills and experience.


The Missionary Volunteer Partners program, offered through World Gospel Mission, is designed for mature individuals or couples who want to serve on the mission field on a short-term basis, from four weeks to a year.


“We believe second-careers, people who are retired and whole families can have a huge impact on the mission field,” said Jared Gleason, the program’s coordinator. “Their experiences and expertise make them extremely effective in ministry.”


Missionary Volunteer Partners serve through education, medical ministry, children’s and youth outreach, church ministries, information technology and much more. Service opportunities are available in 19 countries around the world, including the United States.


“Each MVP experience is specifically tailor-made to the individual or couple,” Gleason said. “I do everything I can to plug them into the right ministry, in the right country!”


One of the benefits of the MVP program is working one-on-one with seasoned missionaries and nationals, which gives a clearer understanding of cross-cultural ministry.


“What can be better than helping people find their call on the mission field?” said Gleason.



About World Gospel Mission


World Gospel Mission disciples believers to become missions-active Christians. As an interdenominational missionary organization, WGM partners with individuals, small groups, college groups and churches to intentionally address the physical and spiritual needs of individuals and communities.

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James P. Long is the editor of Outreach magazine and is the author of a number of books, including Why Is God Silent When We Need Him the Most?