How to Reach Mom’s Family Around Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, the largest number of phone calls are placed, the second-largest amount of restaurant meals are purchased and churches typically see the third-highest attendance of any day in the year—because Mom brings her family. Check out these ideas for connecting with the guests Mom brings.

Advance prayer. In your planning, recognize that Mother’s Day offers a tremendous outreach opportunity. In the weeks before, ask for prayer requests for unchurched family members and assemble a team to pray that they would attend the service. Pray for sensitivity to their needs.

Ministry fair. Host a ministry fair to give guests an idea of what your church offers and make sure they know about any upcoming men’s, children’s, youth and singles gatherings and events.

Post-worship reception. Plan a Mother’s Day brunch reception after worship services, where guests can meet church leaders, small group leaders, etc.

Community serve day. Plan a community service weekend for the Sunday after Mother’s Day. Announce the various volunteer opportunities and encourage people to sign up “even if this is your first time here.”

One message. While they’re in your church, make sure each guest hears that God loves and died for him or her—via worship songs, greeting time, the message and a visitor care package filled with a card, Bible and a $5 gas card.

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This article originally appeared in the March/April 2010 issue of Outreach.MA10Cover

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