Support Student Athletes

Partner with local schools to provide equipment and uniforms

Start an Adventure Sports Ministry

Connect with people who love outdoor sports like rock climbing, white-water rafting, snowboarding and more.

Idea Starter: Bring Your Church to the Gym

Stream your services live to reach those who spend Sunday mornings pumping iron

Sole Patrol

Church connects faith and fitness through sports ministry.

Idea Starter: Outreach Football Game

Get in on the fun with a pigskin classic before the Super Bowl.

Idea Starter: Block Parties for the Super Bowl

Bring neighborhoods together around the big game.

Idea Starter: Golf-Related Outreach

Capitalize on a lesser-known observance like Golf Month to connect with men and help others in need.

Sports Program Draws More Unchurched Kids

North Coast Calvary Chapel in Carlsbad, Calif., uses the KidsGames program in its Ministry Through Sports.

5 Ways to Engage in Community Running Events

Serve and be visible at these highly attended races.

Idea Starter: Run for Charity

Plan a 5K for a cause or support runners with water and snacks at someone else's