Michigan Church Hosts Evangelistic Event With the Power Team

Feats of strength help draw young people to hear the Gospel.

Florida Church Hosts Family Lego Night

Celebration United Methodist Church organizes Lego-themed event for kids and their parents.

550 Accept Christ at Southern California Evangelism Event

“Stand Strong Ojai turned out to be a real win for God,” says Blankenship. “It brought a revival across our city.”

California Church Hosts Wild Game Dinner

Connect with outdoorsmen in your community through this special event.

Try This: Host a Coupon Swap

Partner with local businesses and couponing experts to help your church’s families save money on groceries

Pennsylvania Church Organizes Amazing Race Youth Outreach Event

A localized version of the popular TV show helped a Pennsylvania church reach youth.

Washington Church’s Concert Benefits Cancer Patients

Raise money to help those with no insurance

Year of the Bible – Leader’s Gathering (Mar. 4)

March 4th at the Museum of the Bible

How to Host a Movie Event

7 essential steps to draw guests to your church with great indoor entertainment when it's cold outside.

Try This: Host a Health Fair

Partner with a local hospital to reach your community for better health.