4 Ways to Use Vine

Create short video clips with Vine to improve your church's social network presence.


a mobile app that allows you to create and post six-second video clips that can be shared or embedded in social networking sites

40+ Million

number of Vine users

Vine shouldn’t be used to attempt to get an entire message across, but it should be used as a conversation starter and to get people curious about your ministry. If used creatively Vine will spur curiosity that will hopefully turn into a visit to your church.

1. Promo for the Weekend

Show the sermon graphic and tell them why they should attend.

2. What to Expect When Visiting

For first-time guests, show parking, seating options and facilities.

3. A Day in the Life of the Pastor

Who doesn’t want to know what a pastor does during the day? Use Vine to capture short clips of what you do.

4. Children’s Ministry

Show children having fun, making sounds and faces, learning, etc.

—Chip Dizárd, @ChipDizard, ChurchM.ag

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