Twitter Tips: Repurpose Those Blog Posts

Use a simple plugin to turn Twitter into a tool to drive traffic to old blog posts.

Once you publish a blog post, it doesn’t have to slowly fade into your archives to be forever forgotten. With one simple plugin you can keep old blog posts alive and turn Twitter into a constant traffic-driving machine.

One essential plugin that can dramatically boost your effectiveness is Tweet Old Post. It keeps your blog traffic and Twitter activity on cruise control. This is extremely helpful during those months where you just can’t publish as much as you’d like but still want to tweet a consistent flow of content for new and potential readers.

The plugin will randomly select a post from your blog archives and tweet it at the timed intervals you select. It’s good to set them for the best times to tweet for maximum exposure. For instance, you could tweet an old post once every 12 hours—about twice a day.

You can set the frequency and even specify to tweet posts that are X number of days old, making sure your newer posts aren’t reposted too soon.

Another great feature—you can mark certain posts to not be tweeted. For instance, if you have an event announcement, you wouldn’t want that tweeted after it’s already passed. So you simply go into the plugin’s “Exclude posts” page and select the posts you want to exclude.

From Outreach Magazine  Echo Park Reborn