Send Your Sermon

Don’t let your sermon be confined by the four walls of your church.

Don’t let your sermon be confined by the four walls of your church. Get your message out to the world. Here are a few ways to send it out on a mission:


Add links of relevant old messages to your email newsletter or create a free email course. Set up automatic emails to go out daily, weekly or monthly to people who subscribe via your website. Use old message video or text as content. (You can do this for free with up to 2,000 subscribers with Mail Chimp.) Consider providing more info about the church, challenging people to read the Bible every day, teaching about marriage, teaching a biblical method for getting control of finances, etc.

Text Message

Use a text subscription service to send out occasional text blasts with announcements about your church. Every once in awhile throw in a link to old message content.


Don’t underestimate the power of physical mail. It is more expensive, but mailers still work. Attach a physical CD or a link to a webpage to a mailer and send it out. Package it as a free gift to help them in an area where they might be struggling (marriage, debt, purpose in life, etc.). The people who take the time to check it out will be grateful for the teaching. Many could find it so helpful they will come to your church to hear what else you have to say. (Note: Don’t set your hopes too high. Expect roughly a 1 percent return.)

Give to Visitors

Put together a “Greatest Hits” message DVD, CD or custom USB drive and give it away. If someone is interested in baptism, give them a message on baptism. If someone just gave their life to Christ or is interested in learning more about Christianity, give them a message about the basics of following Christ.

Give to Members

Equip your congregation with resources as a tool to reach non-Christian friends. Many people in your church want to reach out to their friends, but they simply don’t know how to do it. With your message content, members get an easy and practical way to take the first step.

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Give to Other Churches

Post your sermon video, audio or transcript for other churches to download as a free resource. Do you have custom graphics that go with the message? Give them away too.