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Dhati Lewis: Creating Space for Change in Your Community

I think if we're going to make disciples in the 21st century in a polarizing time, we've got to recapture the art of hospitality. Because hospitality is where we are able to make an enemy a friend.

More than Friendliness — How Smaller Churches Can Get It Right

Many churches believe they are friendly, but too few demonstrate hospitality. The problem is friendliness is often directed internally. Members are kind and pleasant with each other and overlook guests.

Remembering Our Legacy

While we all work, serve and minister in different ways, the longer we do this important kingdom work, the more we realize that some of the teachings and practices of old are still applicable now and will be in the future.

Intentionality Is Key

We’re very intentional about being welcoming and friendly. I tell people on Sunday mornings at the end of the services, “If you’re our guest, I’d like to meet you.” And so I go to the hospitality room and meet people every week.

The Power of Hospitality

6 ways to make your home a blessing to others.

Why We Need to Trade the Stage for the Table

The urgency to rethink church this year

3 Simple Ways to Reach Your Neighbors

Engaging with your community begins with engaging those around you.

Why Biblical Hospitality Will Win the Day

Welcoming others as Christ welcomes us