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What Happiness Can We Anticipate on the New Earth?

God designed humans to live on Earth to his glory. Christ’s incarnation, life, death, and resurrection secured a New Earth, where life will be the way God always intended.

Will We Know Everything in Heaven or Will We Learn?

If I can always be learning something new about finite, limited human beings, how much more will I be learning about Jesus in the ages to come?

Nothing Is More Often Misdiagnosed Than Our Homesickness for Heaven

It’s not the wanting that corrupts us. What corrupts us is the wanting that’s misplaced, set on the wrong thing.

Our Longing to Go Home Will Be Ultimately Fulfilled on the New Earth

On the New Earth, we’ll at last be at home with the God we love and who loves us wholeheartedly.

Heaven’s Welcoming Party

Take a look at the send-off of the very first Christian martyr, a precious witness for Christ named Stephen. And notice, if you will, the glimpses we are given into the reception he is about to receive in Heaven…

Is It Possible to Be Hyperimaginative in Thinking about Heaven?

I believe that God expects us to use our imagination, even as we recognize its limitations and flaws. If God didn’t want us to imagine what Heaven will be like, he wouldn’t have told us as much about it as he has.

Why Heaven Is a Lot Closer Than You Think

Jesus preached the good news that the kingdom of God is now available to us.

Revisiting Jesus’ Teachings on Heaven

John Ortberg: Eternity Is Now in Session