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Getting the Most Out of Youth Camp

5 simple ways to ensure summer camp is a life-changing experience for teens

How You (Yes, You!) Can Share Jesus

My guess is that you have more opportunities than you think. Every day, you rub shoulders with people: neighbors, the grocery-store checker, restaurant servers, other parents at the park—the list goes on.

Striking Back With the Gospel

We must mobilize Christian teenagers to share the Gospel with love, passion, and urgency.

An App That Helps Equip Youth to Share Jesus

Like a ready-to-use gospel tract, this app is always available for believers to share the Good News of Jesus with friends and strangers alike.

Working With Like-Minded Ministries

No ministry can single-handedly reach their community with the gospel. Use the “5 G’s” to find like-minded ministries to partner with.

Keep Calm and Minister

Can you pass the "Timothy Test?"

6 Tips When Striking Up Spiritual Conversations

Every day we encounter people who don’t know Christ’s saving love—who are “harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd” (Matthew 9:36).

How Do You Know if the Holy Spirit Is Moving?

Too many prayer-focused Christians lock themselves in a room, claim to get filled with the Spirit, but then never go out of their prayer closets to share the Good News.