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There’s No Fast Track to Spiritual Growth

Growing spiritually should be of high importance for every believer. But how can we begin to?

The Case for Large-Scale Evangelistic Events

Do they know there is a God in heaven who loves them?

Trust That God Is Good Because He Says So

You see, God is good whether we believe it or not. God—and God alone—is the final court of arbitration. As the apostle Paul wrote, “Even if everyone else is a liar, God is true” (Romans 3:4 NLT).

God Is Present in Our Storms

The storm did not awaken Jesus, but the cry of his disciples did.

Sharing Jesus as a Stepping Stone

Be a good listener. Find out about the person you’re talking to so you can then appropriately bring the message of the gospel.

Be a Nice Person

If you disagree with someone, that’s fine. But don’t be obnoxious; be nice.

Hearing God

But imagine this. What if you had a handwritten note sent to you from God? Would you carry it around in your pocket for a couple of weeks and open it when you got around to it?

How Are You Using Your Influence?

The question isn’t whether or not you have influence. It’s what you do with it. Are you a good influence or a bad influence?