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How Adoption Mirrors God’s Love for the Fatherless

Typically, when I consider the beauty of adoption, I think of the happier aspects—an orphan no longer being an orphan but a beloved son or a daughter, with all the rights and benefits that come with a family.

Radical Theology

I have seen and heard firsthand that thousands have trouble seeing God as a loving Father because of deep wounds from their earthly father. Maybe that’s true for you as well.

God’s Love Is Everywhere

If we only have eyes to see it

Marriage and God’s Sacrificial Love

We love because he loved us.

God’s Love for the Broken

God delights in choosing rejects and rubble and rubbish.

God’s Identity Is Our Hope in a Difficult Year

The nature of God is our bedrock.

God’s Answer to Our Perfectionist, Self-Help Culture

God offers us a better way than what our culture offers us.