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10 Things You Need to Know About Future Church

With the increase of remote work and digital communications, the yearning for in-person connections is growing. The church is the place such connections are meant to take place.

Technology and the Church: What You Need to Know

While some church members may be hesitant to switch to certain technologies, church leaders need to remember three benefits that new tech can add to their church.

Ed Stetzer: The Church of 2030

The churches that ... continue to make seniors a priority may be more equipped to reach the changing population.

Beyond Growth and Decline

The greatest challenge for church leaders is to tell the story of mission in a way that is beautiful and life-giving to a generation that sees the world through a lens of anxiousness and division.

A Snapshot of the Coming Kingdom

America is becoming increasingly more representative of this vision as it becomes more ethnically diverse. So, how is this multiracial reality shaping the planting of new churches?

5 Prescriptions for Building Thriving Churches

How we can bring life and health to our church and community

The Now, The Next and The Never Again

Healthy leaders are sustained by kingdom life.

5 Insights About the Post-COVID Church

The pandemic has permanently changed the way we think about church.