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More Churchgoers Hear Encouragement to Adopt, Provide Foster Care

More than 1 in 10 churchgoers say someone in their congregation has provided foster care (16%), adopted a child from the U.S. (13%) or adopted a child from another country (11%) within the last year.

What Is Your Church Doing to Help Children in Need?

The church is not designed to be a shield protecting the Christian bubble of safety. Rather, the church is a vehicle engineered by God to send people into the darkest corners of the neighborhood.

5 Ways Churches Can Support Foster Care

There are many things churches can do to support foster families. These ideas will help you build a vision for foster care.

How to Raise Awareness and Care for Adoptive and Foster Families

Adoption is a beautiful and complex picture of the gospel that nonetheless arises from tragedy.

An Often Overlooked Way to Serve Your Community

One Thing That Can Make a Huge Impact

Child Bridge: A Purpose and a Possibility

How one statistic changed the futures of over a thousand foster kids.

Bill Blacquiere and Kris Faasse: Called to Care

Opening Your Heart to Vulnerable Children—Through Foster Care, Adoption, and Other Life-Giving Ways

Creating a Safe Space for Adopted and Foster Children

Extended family plays a pivotal role in welcoming adopted and foster children.