Let God Speak, Just Listen

"When it comes to prayer, the most important part isn’t speaking. It’s listening!"

What If It’s Not Someone Else’s Fault?

Before you blame someone else for causing your problems, it's a good idea to first take a look at the desires of your own heart.

In Atlanta: A Blueprint for Urban Discipleship

Dhati Lewis has an aspiration: to create a blueprint of urban discipleship so that this generation will be the last that has to leave the city to get trained for ministry.

When Good Fruit Comes From Flawed Leaders

How should we respond when we discover the depths of a leader's sinfulness? Does it discount the good they've done?

8 Signs You’re Trapped in Legalism

We've all experienced times when our faith in the finished work of Jesus morphs into legalism. These are warning signs.

Large Church. Small Church. What Is the Ideal Church Size?

Is there an ideal church size that we should be shooting for? What are the pros and cons of small and large churches?

What Sustains Missions in the Hardest Places?

If we try to sustain missions in our own strength, our strength will fail; the worship of a great God is what truly sustains us.

Why It’s Good News That God Doesn’t Need You

What you do for God is, of course, important, but much more important is what he is doing within you.

How to Activate People’s Gifts and Calling

How to identify, develop and activate the gifts of the people in your church so they can pursue their passions and calling

How We Did It: Church Plant Vision—Part 1

The story of how five church plants developed their unique visions.