The Outreach 100 Fastest-Growing and Largest Churches in America

View the Outreach 100 lists online for the first time ever and see what's trending in the largest and fastest-growing churches today.

Pastor, Beware Your Blind Spots

Bill Hull, one of the most prolific writers on discipleship, shared a profound insight that stirred my heart. “At age 50 I found myself successful but unsatisfied. I...

7 Reasons Why Church Worship Centers Will Get Smaller

Thom Rainer: "A seismic shift is taking place in American church facilities, a shift that will become even more noticeable in the years to come."

Living by Faith in Bleak Times

Abraham was getting on in years, yet he and Sarah didn’t have any children. However, God had given him this promise: “I will make you a great...

Check Your Leadership Language

Bobby Gruenewald: "Lazy people don't need vision to be lazy."

How God Grows Us in Times of Spiritual Dryness

August is often the driest month of the year here in Southern California. Not only is it physically dry, but it can also be spiritually, relationally and...

20 Keys to Leading 20-Somethings

"Younger leaders have a broad and global perspective and are not impressed with smaller dreams."

Answering the Question Behind the Questions People Ask You

You’re familiar with the common scenario where someone half-jokingly asks for advice for a “friend.” Everyone knows the “friend” is actually the person asking the question. Well, that...

Lead Well—At Home

One great ministry challenge is to serve in a way that values, affirms and protects our children.

The Surprising Truth About World Changers

Insights from Hebrews 11
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