Evangelical Leaders Call for Compassionate Response to Refugee Crisis

At GC2 Summit, leaders draft statement of declaration with call to action for evangelicals in caring for refugees.

5 (More) Misunderstood Truths About Spiritual Growth

"Here are five additional simple, practical, biblical truths about spiritual growth."

Why the Gospel Needs Generous Creativity

“Your church or ministry has the ability and the God-given creative gifts to shape culture, rather than merely reacting to it.”

How to Balance Results and People As a Leader

Which is a better leadership approach, caring more about results or people? Neither ... and both.

How Malaysia and North Korea Inspire Impossible Prayers

Recent breakthroughs in Malaysia and North Korea, traditionally persecutors of the church, inspire us to be fervent in prayer.

Do You Need a New Perspective on Volunteers?

Eliminating “need” from your vocabulary and allowing unbelievers to serve at the church may have a significant impact.
5 Ways the Church Hurts and Helps Victims of Sexual Violence

5 Ways the Church Hurts and Helps Victims of Sexual Violence

"Let’s dare to risk discomfort for the sake of ministering to victims of sexual violence."

The True Hope of Christmas

We await a future hope that outweighs any childlike wonder of yesteryear or pain at someone's loss.

Think Delivery: Are You Meeting People Where They Are?

People aren't accessing information in the same way anymore. Are you meeting them where they are?

Church Leaders, Are Your Decisions Missional or Emotional?

"In a missional decision, every action and ministry function is done with a focus on the mission of Christ."