relationships within the church

What Does Love Look Like?

Insights from the most famous love passage.
Jesus laughed

Let There Be Laughter

Are we downplaying the unbridled joy of our faith?

Lee Strobel: Living on the Evangelistic Edge

We need to invite people curious about our faith into our daily lives.

How Do We Make Church Safe Again?

Reflections in the wake of the Guidepost Solutions SBC report.
growing to love

3 Difficult Things Christians Learn to Love

Loving these things doesn’t come naturally, but is a work of the Spirit.

Shootings, Grace and the Gospel—An Interview With Pastor Eddie Bevill of Parkridge Church

Parkridge Church and other area churches are reaching out to their community in the wake of the Parkland Shooting.
covid has shaped

How COVID Has Forever Shaped My Leadership

5 ways I’m different in the wake of the pandemic
asking for money

How Do You Respond to Beggars?

10 pieces of hard-earned advice

Kyle Idleman: Persevering in Seasons of Struggle

Encouragement for those tough times when you feel like giving up.
multi-generational church

All Ages Welcome

Why making your church multigenerational is worth the effort.