The UnFormation Age: Reclaiming the Lost Art of Christian Mysticism

“A mystic is one whose theology is not only known, preached or believed—it is experienced.”

The 10 Commandments of Guest-Friendly Churches

Welcoming guests is easy — just be friendly!

Ed Stetzer: How Resources Changed My Mind

"It seems that every young pastor thinks it’s necessary to reinvent everything—in their mind, only they can do it the right way."

7 Sexual Lines No Pastor Should Cross

"No adulterer occupying the pastor’s office entered the ministry with sordid intentions. He fell into sin and one thing led to another."

The One Church Strategy That Always Works

“Consider planting and building communities on mission, and let God build his church.”

Leading by Word and Deed

“The leadership displayed by apostles was one of moving the church to action rather than merely enjoying classroom teaching.”

Knowing Your Community: The Math of the Kingdom

"You must never forget that all efforts, methods and strategies serve the greater goal of gospel proclamation."

5 Ways to Destroy Ministry Silos

"Foster this attitude among your leaders: 'How can I help my fellow leaders, even though it’s not my ministry?'”

Think Delivery: Are You Meeting People Where They Are?

People aren't accessing information in the same way anymore. Are you meeting them where they are?

The Top 10 Sources of Discouragement for Pastors

"Pastors have pressures. These are the top 10 from the interactions we have."