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Time for a New Beginning

The Church Needs a Revival of Reconnection

Pastors’ Favorite Places for Sermon Prep

The answers varied based on personality, but some trends emerged.

Don’t Generalize This Generation

Dan Kimball: “Millennials may be leaving some churches, but they are swarming to others."

The Best Strategy for Long-Term Church Growth

"The best long-term strategy for church growth is not church growth."

3 Lessons I Learned From Being a Horrible Church Staff Member

Fresh out of seminary, I had a lot of pride that hurt my pastor.
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5 Obstacles to Empowering Others to Lead

What you need to overcome in order to create a culture of leadership development in your ministry.

Are We Replacing Faith With Structure?

When a church is established, it's easy to begin depending more on the structures in place than walking by faith.

How to Lead When Everyone Seems Divided

This is probably one of the hardest seasons you’ve ever led through. One of the things that’s making this season particularly challenging is that, regardless of ideology, theology...

3 Keys to Training Youth Leaders

Training the next generation of leaders is an essential task for a vital youth ministry. These keys will get you started.

Field of Dreams: What It Means to Plant the Church

Risks, regrets and revelations: Veteran church planters talk about starting a new church from scratch.