7 Ways to Make Your Sermons More Listenable

"The brain tires easily. If a speaker does not give breaks for the listener’s brain to rest, it will take its own breaks."

Building a Healthy Team Culture

“A clear culture is like the white blood cell system of an organization and it gives you a better chance of self-correction.”

What Does Courageous Leadership Look Like Today?

Why hope, humility and wisdom matter in a godless culture.

Incarnational Ministry: A Kingdom of Harlots

Hugh Halter: "I wonder if we spend too much time condemning people who don’t live as 'clean' as we think they should."

The Top 5 Traits People Look for in a Pastor

"No matter what the size, style or culture of the church, the heart wants what it wants."

The Secret to Reaching Millennials

William Vanderbloemen: “You can either connect with millennials quickly and constantly, or risk losing them.”

Why Your Church Resists the Change That Could Save It

Loss aversion is a key reason why people resist change, and understanding the concept is key to the solution.

Why the Church of Tomorrow Starts Today

Bobby Gruenewald: How can we transition the church of today into the church of tomorrow? It starts with each of us.

Think Delivery: Are You Meeting People Where They Are?

People aren't accessing information in the same way anymore. Are you meeting them where they are?

Decency for President

Max Lucado: "We stand against bullying in schools. Shouldn’t we do the same in presidential politics?"