8 Truths to Cure You From Obsessive Comparison Syndrome

Brad Powell on breaking free from Obsessive Comparison Syndrome

Is Your Next Multisite Campus Online?—Part 1

The largest neighborhood in the world is at your fingertips. Millions who live there need a church like yours.

Do Pastors Wield Too Much Power?

"Not until then did I understand the unique power my position, and that of every pastor, carries."

Why You Should Preach on Race as Soon as You Can

Our world and our people are hungering for us to preach on this.

Erwin McManus: Imagine Tomorrow

When we stand in the intersection between time and eternity we break free from "what is" and bring into reality "what if."

5 Church Staffing Trends

William Vanderbloemen: "Look for leaders of leaders who naturally invest in others and create a culture of excellence."

The Surprising Key to a Breakout at Your Church

Why a breakout will require a break down of church leaders.

4 Outreach Efforts That Are Working for Local Churches

These innovative outreach ideas are gaining traction in several churches.

How to Increase Evangelism Without Adding Staff or Overhead

"Creativity can be your best friend in doing evangelism well. Sometimes all it takes is an iPhone and a light."

3 Steps to Heal Divisions in Your Church’s Leadership

How do you break through discord to get to unity?
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