Leading Change in Hostile Territory

Brad Powell: “To continue leading positively in the face of negativity, I have found that, like Jesus, I must learn to love people without needing them.”

Turning Laypeople Into Lay Ministers – Part 1

Tim Keller discusses preparing and equipping the people of the church to live missionally.

How to Get Your Message Heard

“We need to wake up to living and sharing our witness in a media-saturated culture.”

3 Things Churches Love That KILL Outreach

Ed Stetzer: "If your church loves the way you do church more than your children, it loves the wrong thing."

9 Questions of Innovation

Ask yourself and your team these questions to help shape your work in innovation.

Becoming a Church That’s Known and Valued

Tony Morgan: Ideas for becoming a church that your community knows and appreciates.

Do Guns Belong in the Church?

"Defending the faithful with firepower raises some complicated questions. Do guns and God make a good mixture?"

10 Things They Never Taught Me in Seminary

"It is impossible for seminaries to teach their students everything they need to know for future ministry."

4 Differences Between Healthy and Unhealthy Churches

"The differences between healthy churches and unhealthy churches can be so slight, yet so deadly."

The 6 Core Responsibilities of a Senior Pastor

"Stick to the priorities as best you can. Empower others to do the rest."