Leading Change in Hostile Territory

Brad Powell: “To continue leading positively in the face of negativity, I have found that, like Jesus, I must learn to love people without needing them.”

Turning Laypeople Into Lay Ministers – Part 1

Tim Keller discusses preparing and equipping the people of the church to live missionally.

4 Ways to Beat Your Ministry Funk

It’s inevitable--we all go through ministry funks. Steven Furtick offers four tips on getting out of them.

Deep and Wide: How Your Church Can Pursue Both

Depth without width and width without depth — you can't have one without the other and make strong disciples.

Jesus Doesn’t Need Twitter Followers

Brad Powell: If we're going to get our church back on mission, we have to get them actively following Jesus.

20 Keys to Leading 20-Somethings

"Younger leaders have a broad and global perspective and are not impressed with smaller dreams."

Struggles: Our Defining Moments

Brad Powell: “God uses struggles to get us where he wants us. Satan uses struggles to keep us from where God wants us.”

Decency for President

Max Lucado: "We stand against bullying in schools. Shouldn’t we do the same in presidential politics?"

7 Indicators of Church Health

"Church growth is a 'basic instinct' for church leaders. However, church growth without church health is asking for trouble."

Does a Church’s Name Really Matter?

One pastor explains the origin of his church's name and why it accurately represents his congregation.