4 Unhealthy Beliefs About Church Leadership

"As we all learn sooner or later, I discovered that I couldn’t build God’s kingdom with lies and pretense."

3 Symptoms of a Dying Church

"When it comes to the church, the disease is called 'tradition.' And when a disease goes unchecked, it can become deadly."

Setting a Course for Intentional Multiethnic Ministry

Mark DeYmaz: “It takes more than mere words and sentiment to bring about systemic change.”

All Effective Pastors Share This Leadership Attribute

William Vanderbloemen: "Nobody is a perfect leader, but there is one thing that all successful pastors have in common."

2 Reasons Creativity Is Essential in the Church

"If we bore people with the gospel, we are guilty of one of the greatest crimes humanity has ever experienced."

Know Your Demographics, Reach Your Community

"It is hard to be all things to all people if we do not know who those people are."

Is This Mentality Killing Your Church?

"We wonder why so many congregations go to church, log many hours in activities each week and still feel unfulfilled."

Preaching to the Unchurched: 5 Essentials

Rick Warren: "In terms of seeing radical life changes in individuals, nothing can take the place of Spirit-anointed preaching."

Knowing Your Community: The Math of the Kingdom

"You must never forget that all efforts, methods and strategies serve the greater goal of gospel proclamation."

2 Ways Jesus Would Have Us Bridge the Political Divide

"Our role as leaders of Jesus’ sheep involves giving people direction, even in the arena of politics."