Why Moral Failure Is Not a Megachurch Problem

Moral failure is not exclusive to megachurch pastors.

5 Ways to Fall From the Top

Don't fall victim to these classic leadership blind spots.

How to Embrace Infrequent Attendees

Here are five ways to better welcome those who love your church but attend infrequently.

The Beliefs That Limit Your Leadership

God did not create us for mediocrity, but to influence others for his sake.

How to Lead Emerging Leaders

Leadership development helps ensure that emerging leaders' gifts are properly being utilized.

How to Apologize Well as a Leader

Leaders should be the first to apologize, and here are five ways to do it well.

What Every Church Leader Can’t Afford to Forget

Without this, ministry will eventually end in failure.

How to Identify Selfish Ambition in Your Leadership

Watch out for these 10 signs.

10 Hard-Won Lessons About Ministry Leadership

These lessons are the fruit of reflecting on 21 years of pastoral ministry.

Why Adapting Is Key to Ministry Success

If you're not ready to adapt, you'll miss ministry opportunities.
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