The Problem With Gimmicks

Phil Cooke: "Gimmicks may get attention, but truly original ideas change the world."

Leading by Word and Deed

“The leadership displayed by apostles was one of moving the church to action rather than merely enjoying classroom teaching.”

How Can Women Lead in the Church?

“Lead with the confidence that comes from knowing you have humbly submitted yourself to God and that he has your back.”

Beyond Groundhog Day

Brad Powell: “Leading a church out of a rut demands belief that the church’s future begins now.”

Good Idea. Now What?

Knowing is not half the battle.

Transitioning a Small Church

Brad Powell: “Leading a church to become a healthy and growing spiritual community isn’t easy. But it is worth it.”

10 Characteristics of a Narcissistic Church

"Just as we're often blind to our own selfish tendencies, we often fail to notice when narcissism is present in our churches."

3 Ways to Keep Your Church Focused on Evangelism

Ed Stetzer: "Keeping a church focused on evangelism is similar to running a marathon."

Refugee Crisis: A Leadership Moment for America’s Pastors

Bill Hybels & Rich Stearns: "Let us not miss this chance to lead with Jesus’ love and compassion."

10 Things Pastors Would Love to Hear From Their Church Members

Thom Rainer: "Pastors need numbers of people who will take on the encourager role. The critics will always be there."