The Problem With Gimmicks

Phil Cooke: "Gimmicks may get attention, but truly original ideas change the world."

Bill Hybels: 5 Ways to Embed Evangelism Into Your Culture

Few people would claim evangelism comes naturally. For most, it means stepping outside their comfort zones.

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7 Innocent Lies Pastors Tell

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Micro Churches, Mega Vision

Bobby Gruenewald: "None of us has arrived. We're all in the same boat: microchurches with a mega vision."

Evangelism, Naturally

"For Kevin Harney, outreach without evangelism is 'giving a cup of cold water, but not giving it in Jesus' name.'"

5 Ways to Reverse Church Decline

Ed Stetzer: "Sadly, many churches don’t have the guts to hear the hard things."

7 Indicators of Church Health

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Multiethnic Church: Why Diversity Requires Maturity

“If unity and diversity are perfected in the eternal church, we should be ever pursuing its perfection in the local church, as well.”