Incarnation: The Biology of Christmas

From the Archives: The virgin birth contradicts the laws of science. But our faith rests on the miracle of the incarnation.

The Power of Relationships

“God calls us not just to be a light to the light, but a light to the world.”

Measuring Disciple-Making

Dave Ferguson: “How do you know if what you’re doing as a leader is actually advancing the kingdom?”

Incarnational Ministry: The Power of Being Human

Hugh Halter: "Being human may be how we are all born, but staying human is not natural—it’s supernatural."

21 Go-To New Testament Scriptures for Leaders

"These are the Scriptures I lean into. I pray they refuel your leadership tank as they do mine."

4 Christmas Killers—And Their Antidotes

Pete Scazzero: "Sadly, the Christmas season is a low point spiritually for most Christian leaders."

Death to New Life: An Easter Meditation

Max Lucado: "Christ's resurrection is the proof and promise of ours. What God did for him, he will do with us."

4 Reasons God Uses Us Fools to Shame the Wise

"God has called each of us to join him in his kingdom mission, no credentials required."

Leadership Mentoring: Giving Ministry Away

"Giving ministry away to others is critical to a leader’s health and sanity, as well as essential for church health and expansion."

10 Ways to Bring Joy to Your Pastor

"Most pastors do not expect recognition. But they really do appreciate it when someone remembers them in a positive manner."