Efrem Smith: The Multi-Ethnicity of Jesus

“In Christ Jesus, we are no longer red, yellow, brown, black, and white. … We are freed from false identities, but we retain the gift of our true identities of ethnicity and nationality.”

How Integrity Drives Your Leadership

Brad Lomenick, Catalyst: Accountability is one of the great engines of leadership longevity.

The Top 10 Books That Have Shaped My Faith and Leadership

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4 Ways to Build a Leadership Development Culture

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40 Ways to Increase Baptisms in 2017

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5 Keys to Addressing Immaturity in Your Church

"The higher up, or deeper in, people progress as leaders, the more their immaturities and gaps reveal themselves."

Crafting Biblical, Engaging Messages for Students: 3 Essentials

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8 Reasons Members Don’t Give Sacrificially and Cheerfully to Your Church

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The Gospel Is One, Unified Message—And Here’s Why It Matters

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Jesus Is Praying for Us—Here’s What That Means

Jesus was always praying. If Jesus, being God, felt the necessity to pray, then how much more should we pray?