Eucharist: Embracing the Mystery of Faith

Glenn Packiam reminds us there is one aspect of worship that transcends music or preaching: the feasting table.

The Top 10 Reasons We Don’t Trust God

"Letting go of control and trusting Jesus is the core of the Christian life—every day, every hour, every moment, of every day."

No, Evangelical Does Not Mean ‘White Republican Who Voted for Trump’

Ed Stetzer: "It’s not politics that unite all evangelicals; it’s the gospel."

‘Move in Her Direction’: A Simple but Powerful Lesson on Biblical Reconciliation

"It’s a small change that yields amazing results. Over the next seven days, try it and see what happens."

How Jesus Meets Our Heart’s Deepest Longings

"Because of God’s selfless love for us, each of us can make this declaration of freedom: 'I am loved.'"

The Fruit of Faithfulness: A Decade of Hope for Colorado’s New Life Church

“We grieved. We sang out our holy defiance—'we will overcome this trial we’re facing; we will somehow rise again.'”

J.D. Greear: Rediscovering Awestruck Wonder—Part 2

"Everything we need for a clear vision of our big God has been given to us in the Bible."

Why Do Most People Miss the Gospel?

Hiddenness is one of the fundamental characteristics of the gospel, because God reveals himself only to those who seek him.

Living Wholeheartedly for God

So many people live half-hearted lives; the story of Caleb encourages us to live fully for God.

Remember, We Are Family

There are many things that threaten to divide us, but we are united in the blood of Christ.