Raising up Female Leaders in Ministry

Ed Stetzer: "Don’t forget the emerging female leaders around you—find them, encourage them, raise them up."

Reassessing Your Ministry Sweet Spot

Todd Wilson: “Can you honestly say, ‘Yes, I know what my sweet spot is, and I’m currently working in it’?”

3 Secrets to Marriage and Ministry

"You don’t need lots of money, or even tons of time, to laugh and find the lighter side of marriage."

Cutting-Edge Florida Church Network Rediscovers the Life of Mission

“If you want people to live in a different way, you have to promise them change—the possibility of a different kind of church.”

6 Times When Prayer Isn’t Enough

"If you are doing these six biblical commands, dedicate yourself to prayer and call on God on behalf of our nation."

The Scripture That Is Most Overlooked by Pastors

"Many a servant of the Lord has been treated less kindly by Christians than any business in town would treat an employee."

‘Why Me?’ An Atheist and Drug Addict Finds God

“I was not seeking God. I was not calling out to him or even thinking about God. For God to do that for me is crazy."

Avoiding the Perfectionism Trap

Pete Scazzero: "Part of what makes us human is our imperfections and mistakes. Only God is perfect."

9 Signs You Are a Healthy Christian

"It should be the goal of every Christian to walk true to the characteristics that Christ calls out of our lives."

How Growing Churches Can Maintain Strong Community

Bobby Gruenewald: “A church’s ability to grow and to make people feel needed and known shouldn’t feel mutually exclusive.”