How To Thrive When Life Is Stressing You Out

Political conflict. 


Housing crises.

Healthcare workers striking.

Job changes. 

And that’s just the beginning of what people like you and me are experiencing. 

With all that’s going on in today’s world, it’s more important than ever to know how to thrive in stressful times. We’re gonna be stressed sometimes….we’re constantly bombarded with news of wars, natural disasters, economic turmoil, and personal problems. And I totally get it…it’s enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed and stressed out.

But there is hope!

Believe it or not, you can learn how to thrive in spite of the stress in your life. In John chapter 16, Jesus shared that we will always experience trials and struggles in our lives. But he came to overcome it all. And I want to share a few keys with you to help you be part of that “overcoming” that Jesus spoke about…so your stress won’t get the best of you.

Cultivate a Faith That Works. 

As a person who gets the privilege of being a pastor, I’ve found that one of the best ways to thrive in stressful times is to cultivate a faith that works. In other words, once we put our faith in Jesus and we take on this new belief system that resonates with us, that reality should shine in our times of trouble.

But it doesn’t just happen overnight. We have to take time to nurture our life in the Lord and help our faith to increase. Attending church services and small groups, reading the Bible daily, praying regularly and meditating on the truths of Scripture, and talking to others about your faith all help your faith to grow. And the more you nourish your faith, the stronger it will be. And the cool thing about it is when you have a strong faith, it will be your true north and help you thrive in stressful times.

Love the Work of Jesus.

Another way to thrive in stressful times is to fall in love with living out your faith. No matter what you do each day, no matter what job you have, there are always moments for ministry.

One way to embrace the work of Jesus is to find ways to help others. If you’re a bank teller, you can take a few extra seconds to smile and look someone in the eyes and ask how they’re doing today. If you’re a teacher, you can go out of your way to connect with your students and help them to feel seen and heard. If you’re a doctor, you can take a few extra minutes to listen and help your patients and staff feel valued. 

You can also welcome in the work of Jesus by caring about the things you’re doing. When you put your heart into whatever you’re doing, it draws people in to know the “why” behind your drive and passion. And that makes a big difference in how others encounter Jesus in their daily lives in real time.

So don’t be afraid to love what Jesus loves…ministry to people like you and me. It will make a world of difference, not only in the lives of others, but also in your heart and soul. 

Cultivate Hope in Your Life.

One of the most important things I find we can do to thrive in stressful times is to cultivate hope. Hope is the belief that things will get better, even in the face of adversity.

When you have hope, it’s easier to see the silver lining in difficult situations. Hope can give you strength when you feel like you can’t go on. And hope can help you find meaning in the midst of chaos.

So how do you cultivate hope?

We have all walked through life and felt hopeless. And we all want to feel hope-filled when we wake up every morning. One way to cultivate hope is to connect with others who share your values and your vision for the future. When you’re surrounded by people who believe in who God is and what He can and will do in you, and they value your dreams and encourage you along the way, it’s easier to wake up and take on the day with excitement.

You can also cultivate hope by thinking positively and remembering your goals – for you, your faith, and your family. In Philippians 3, Paul encourages us to run the race of life, pressing toward the prize of God’s call on our life. When you keep your eyes on the prize, it’s easier to stay motivated and hopeful, even when times are tough.

Finally, remember that hope is a journey, not a destination. There will be ups and downs along the way. So don’t give up hope! As long as you keep moving forward, you will grow to a place where you have hope rising in your life even when you are in stressful seasons.

Daniel Fusco
Daniel Fusco

Daniel Fusco is the author of Crazy Happy, and lead pastor of Crossroads Community Church in Vancouver, Washington. His messages air weekly on the Hillsong Channel.