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The Timeless Whisper’s Been Here All Along

To a world on edge, defensive, and hurting, Christians have a responsibility to not only listen to God but also to speak Good News in a way that can actually be heard.

The Labor of Faith

Walking with Jesus means that rejection and suffering are sure to come. But it is these exact seasons that strengthen your faith.

Albert Tate: Reconciliation Starts With Empathy—Part 1

“The very act of the incarnation is a grand gesture of empathy. Before he saved us, Christ empathized with us.”

Albert Tate: Extra-Mile Love—Part 2

“If we’re going to stand eternally at the throne, we ought to be able to sit now at the table.”

Designed for More

Lucas Ramirez: Unleashing Christ’s Vision for Unity in a Deeply Divided World

Completion or Competition: Which Best Describes Your Church?

As members of the body of Christ we have been designed for completion of one another rather than competition.

Sharing the Gospel Beyond the Partisan Divide

How Christian partisanship can become a hurdle to our efforts to spread the gospel.