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The Wise No

You will have the chance to do a thousand things. But you will only be able to do a few of them well.

Raising Faithful Stewards

Children who grow up getting most of what they want without having to earn it have a predictable future.

God’s Will: How Others Have Found It

Don’t lean only on a spiritual gifts inventory. No inventory is enough to help us know how God wants to use us. It’s only one tool among many others to determine God’s will.

How Can We Discern Between Hearing God and Hearing What We Want to Hear?

The voice many people hear above God’s is the voice of their own hurt, pain, disappointment, upbringing, bad experiences with churches, impatience with others’ faults, independence, a desire to do everything their way, etc.

How Do I Discover God’s Plan for My Life?

As much as I would like to say there is an easy step-by-step approach to finding that answer, there simply is not. However, I do believe there are a few ways that God has revealed His plans in my own life.

To Join God’s Mission You Have to Listen

"If we truly believe God’s activity is greater than ours, then we have to take steps to seek his will."

Why Misguided Love Isn’t Really Love

Understanding What True Love Looks Like

Do You Hear God’s Voice?

Learning to listen for the voice of God